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3rd-Party Recipient-Specific File and Folder Links


Creating multi-file links is not allowed for 3rd-party recipients

The feature is available for "Platform Enterprise" and "Enterprise Lite" customers only.

When you need to share a files and folders with specific individuals outside of your organization and ensure that only those people can access the links, you can use the newly enhanced Specific Recipients link security option.

Previously the recipient-specific link security choice only allowed domain users to be included as recipients. You can now include third parties who are not users in the recipient list by adding their email addresses. 

Enabling the 3rd-Party Recipient Option

To enable this ability, you'll need to have your administrator change the following setting for your Egnyte domain. Go to "Settings"->"General," then to the "Sharing" section and set the value of the "Specific Recipients include" parameter to "Any email recipient":


Creating a 3rd-Party Recipient-Specific Link

To create file link that only named recipients can access, choose the "Specific Recipients" option and add email addresses to the list of recipients.


Recipients will be able to access the link the first time from the link email they receive. Any subsequent access will require the recipient to enter an authorization code sent to their email address triggered on each access. This prevents other people from accessing the file link because they do not control the email address for the original recipient and cannot receive the code.

Revoking Access to Links to Recipient-Specific File or Folder Links

You can revoke access to recipient-specific file or folder links after the fact. Choose the "Manage Access" option from within the link details dialog, accessed from the Link page:

From here, you can revoke access from certain individuals or all recipients. 

Learn more about Recipient Specific Links by watching a Quick Tip on Egnyte University:  Recipient Specific Links

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