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How do I read the graph in the Content Lifecycle widget?


One of the pieces of information available in the Content Lifecycle dashboard is a graphical representation of the number of files under the various types of content lifecycle policies (archive, deletion, retention) in either draft or active form.




When those policies are changed over time, moved from draft to active or the files under management by those policies move within the Egnyte system, the graph may appear to be showing incorrect data; for example, the number of files in a draft policy does not change when you would expect it to. Here are a couple of tips that will help you understand what the graph is showing:


Historized data always stays the same for reference purposes

The data will show the point-in-time historical values for previous months/years displayed data shown in the content lifecycle graph.

If you change a policy, the current month and future month values will be updated, but previous months will maintain their original values. There is no retroactive calculation.

The current month will continue to be updated as policies and data are change, but when the next month begins, the data in the graph will become frozen to understand what the policies were matching in the past. 


Draft policy matching data is kept after a policy is published

Additionally, after a draft is published, the previous draft matching data will be retained in the graph. New draft policies created during the active month will be added to that number.

So, for example
  1. There is a draft deletion policy and that matches 10 files in the current month.
  2. The policy is published. => On the CL widget, there are still 10 files matching draft policy in the current month
  3. Another draft policy is created, and it matches 5 other files in the current month => CL widget shows 15 files matching the draft policy.


Active filters will only show the data matching those filters

If there is an active filter in the options menu on the left side of the dashboard, that filter affects all views, even the number of files matching the displayed policy. 



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