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Preview-Only Folder Links


Prevent Downloading Content when Sharing Folders

With preview-only folder links, users can share the content of entire folders so that link recipients will be able to preview the content in the WebUI (browser) but will not be able to download it.


Preview-only folder links are available to Platform Enterprise and "GxP with Governance" customers.


Files for which no preview-only rendition is available won't be accessible to the user, but will still be visible in the folder structure. All such files will have an additional note under the file - “Unable to create a preview for this file”. A list of file formats and file sizes that can be previewed can be found here

Inside the preview-only folder link, file preview thumbnails are disabled and replaced by icons representing file types - e.g. image, video, or document.

To create a preview-only folder link, users set "Allow downloads" to "No" in the  "Share folder link" dialog options. 


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