FIDO2/WebAuthn is the latest authentication standard co-authored by Google, Microsoft, and others in collaboration with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). FIDO2 relies on an asymmetric (public/private) pair of cryptographic keys to authenticate users. The public key is stored internally within Egnyte Protect, while the private key is kept by the user and is protected on a physical security key.

Egnyte Protect has recently added support for FIDO2/WebAuthn standards. It enables you to make your account more secure by adding a second-factor authentication using FIDO2/WebAuthn compatible security keys to your login process.

How do I set up my Egnyte Protect account to use FIDO2/WebAuthn?

  1. Navigate to Settings and click on Account on the left navigation.Screen_Shot_2020-03-04_at_8.18.44_AM.png
  2. Click on Add Key to add a label to your key and then click Done.Screen_Shot_2020-03-04_at_8.24.31_AM.png
  3. Verify your identity by inserting your FIDO2 key in your USB port or you can use a built-in sensor. Click on USB Security Key if you wish to use a physical FIDO2/WebAuthn key or click on Built-in-sensor to use your device's built-in fingerprint reader.Screen_Shot_2020-03-04_at_7.36.14_AM.png
  4. If you clicked on the Built-in sensor in the previous step then you will be prompted to place your finger on your Built-in fingerprint sensor.Screen_Shot_2020-03-04_at_7.37.11_AM.png
  5. After inserting the security key inside one of your computer's USB port or after using the Built-in sensor, click on Allow.Screen_Shot_2020-03-04_at_7.37.23_AM.png
  6. Don't forget to Turn ON the hardware security key rule to enforce the Two-factor authentication each time you log in.Screen_Shot_2020-03-04_at_8.56.49_AM.png

Your second-factor authentication is now set up and you would be asked to have this key with you, whenever you log into Egnyte Protect.