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Multi-factor Authentication using FIDO2/WebAuthn


FIDO2/WebAuthn is the latest authentication standard co-authored by Google, Microsoft, and others in collaboration with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). FIDO2 relies on an asymmetric (public/private) pair of cryptographic keys to authenticate users. The public key is stored internally within Secure & Govern, while the private key is kept by the user and is protected on a physical security key. 

Egnyte Secure & Govern has recently added support for FIDO2/WebAuthn standards. It enables you to make your account more secure by adding a second-factor authentication using FIDO2/WebAuthn compatible security keys to your login process. 

How do I set up my Egnyte Secure & Govern account to use FIDO2/WebAuthn?

  1. Navigate to Settings and click on Account on the left navigation.mceclip0.png
  2. Turn on Hardware Security Key to add a label to your key and then click Done.mceclip1.png
  3. The Security Key setup window appears, select OKmceclip2.png
  4. Click OK again to continue with key setupmceclip3.png
  5. Verify your identity by inserting your FIDO2 key in your USB port or you can use a built-in sensor. Click on USB Security Key if you wish to use a physical FIDO2/WebAuthn key or click on Built-in-sensor to use your device's built-in reader.mceclip4.png
  6. If you clicked on the Built-in sensor in the previous step then you will be prompted to place your finger on your Built-in fingerprint sensor.mceclip5.png
  7. After inserting the security key inside one of your computer's USB port or after using the Built-in sensor, click on Allow.mceclip6.png
  8. Your hardware security key is now setup and Two-factor authentication will be required each time you log into Egnyte Secure & Govern.mceclip7.png

For additional information regarding FIDO2/WebAuthn please review FIDO2/WebAuthn FAQ


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