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Breach reports in Secure & Govern provide a quick and effective way for users to assess the impact of an account breach. These reports can be an effective resource for internal investigations and to comply with various privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, etc. These regulations mandate disclosure of breach impact in a time-bound manner. Users can define a breach by entering details about the breached account and the duration of the breach. The breach report outlines the entire list of impacted subjects and breached personal information. The report is based on all the documents viewed, edited, and downloaded by the breached account during the time frame of the breach. 

Create a new Breach Report

  1. Navigate to the Compliance tab and then click on the Breach Reports tab.
  2. Click the “Add Report" button.Breach_Report_-_1.png
  3. Enter the details regarding the duration of the breach, a list of users whose accounts were breached, and other relevant details about the breach. Breach_Report_-_2.png
  4. After you click on “Create Report”, the report is created and begins the first stage, “Collecting Data”. During this stage, Secure & Govern is gathering all the details with regard to your breach report.Breach_Report_-_3.png
  5. The administrators will receive an email alert once all the results for the breach report have been gathered and it is in the stage: ”Ready to Serve”.Breach_Report_-_5.png
  6. Click on the “View Report” button in the email to view the report details. You could also navigate to the Breach Reports tab (mentioned in Step 1) and click on the breach report you created to view the details.
  7. Upfront you can view the breach report highlights including the total number of breached files, impacted subjects, and national identifiers/PII information breached.Breach_Report_-_4.png
  8. You can also download a copy of the report by clicking on the “Export report” button. The exported report has more details about the breach including a list of all locations and files impacted by the breach.




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