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Enable Sync for Offline Access with the Desktop App


The Egnyte Desktop App includes a feature so users can sync selected folders for offline access, ensuring they can always access pertinent information. Admins can enable or disable the feature for Admins or Admins and Power Users on the domain.

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Sync for Offline Access Setting

Enable Feature for Specific Roles

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Sync for Offline Access Setting

To change this setting, go to the Configuration tab of Settings. On the left, select Applications and scroll down to the Desktop section. Click the drop-down next to Allow users to sync folders for offline access, make the appropriate selection, and click Save


Within 15 minutes of enabling the feature, users with drives connected to the domain will have access to this feature.

If the feature is disabled, any local copies of synchronized folders on users' machines will be removed, and users will no longer see the option to sync for offline access.

Enable Feature for Specific Roles

If you enable the ability to sync for Admins only or None of your users from the applications tab, you can still choose to enable the feature for specific Admin or Power User roles. This is particularly useful if you only want to enable the feature for a subset of users in your organization. To do this, navigate back to the Configuration tab and select the User Types & Roles section. Make sure you select the Roles option so you can add a new role or edit an existing role.


Once the role is created, select the role from the list and scroll down to the Applications section. Change the users can sync folders for offline access with the Desktop App option to Enabled and click Save.

This feature is only available with Role-Based Administration.

Additional Resources

When your users are ready to start syncing folders for offline access, direct them to this article to learn more.

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