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You can customize your Egnyte account to utilize any URL you choose, including one that utilizes your company's URL. For example, an Egnyte account can be named fileshare.acme.com instead of acme.egnyte.com. The new website address will be displayed in the Web UI, and all the Egnyte Share Links. 

Use Cases

  • Your company's name has changed, and you want the Egnyte URL to reflect the new name.
  • You want the URL to match a standard format for company resources.

Custom Branding is available by default for all of our Platform plans.

Custom Access URL

Custom Help & FAQ URL

Redirect Sign Out

Custom Access URL

First, you'll need to submit a ticket to the Egnyte Support team. Then, Egnyte will provide a unique URL for your custom domain name, and you'll need to update your CNAME DNS to point to this new URL. Finally, a digital certificate must be created, which you'll need to send to us. Detailed instructions for obtaining this certificate can be found here.

We do not accept wildcard certificates (e.g., "*.domain.com"). 

Domain rename is not supported (e.g. acme.egnyte.com -> xxxxx.egnyte.com) in the case of selecting a custom URL.  If you wish to do a domain name change, this will require spinning up a new trial and migrating the data and users over. You can engage with our Professional Services team to do so and it will be a paid task.  For more information, click here.


SSL Certificate Renewal

Once the Custom Access URL is set for your domain, the certificates applied for your domain will need periodic renewal based on the expiry of the existing certificates. 

You'll need to submit a ticket to the Egnyte Support team when the SSL certificates are up for renewal.

Custom Help & FAQ URL

For resellers or companies who prefer to have their own IT department handle employee support, the Help & FAQ URL link can be customized to direct to custom links instead of the Egnyte Helpdesk.

Redirect Sign Out

After employees and clients sign out of your Egnyte account, they can be redirected back to your company website, blog, or any other page you'd like to feature.

Unlike other branding features, this option is not located in the Branding section. You can find this option within the Security & Authentication tab of the Configuration settings.

WebUI - Settings - Security and authentication selected.png

WebUI - Settings - rediredt sign out to.png



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