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Use Egnyte for Adobe Sign


Now that Adobe Sign has been installed on your domain learn how to send documents for signatures right from the Web UI. We'll also show you how to send a file using an existing template in Adobe Sign and have the signed document automatically added to the appropriate folder. 

To learn more about our Integration with Adobe Sign, read the Overview article. 

Use Egnyte for Adobe Sign

Send a Document for Signature

After you configure Egnyte for Adobe Sign, a Send with Adobe Sign option will appear under the Share option in the file action menu.


Sending with Adobe Sign is currently supported for these file types:

  • Microsoft Word documents (.doc and .docx)
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xls and .xlsx)
  • Adobe Portable Document Format documents (.pdf)
  • Text documents (.txt and .rtf)
  • Images (.jpg, .tif, .gif and .png)

Clicking this option will open the Adobe Sign interface in a new browser window. Adobe Sign has a rich web interface that gives you many options for managing your signed documents. In this tutorial, we’ll focus on a simple case where you just want to collect a signature from a single person. Detailed documentation on Adobe Sign's capabilities is available here.

  1. Specify a recipient for your document.

  2. Indicate where you would like them to sign.

  3. Send them an email with a link to where they can review the document online and provide an electronic signature.

Your counter-party will be asked to provide and confirm their signature from a screen that looks like the one below.

Once they confirm their signature, the document will be “completed” in Adobe Sign, and a signed copy of the document (in PDF format) will appear in your Egnyte account in the folder where the original document resides. The signed copy will have a note automatically added to it indicating who signed the document and the time and date of sign-off.

Note: We periodically check with Adobe Sign to detect when sign off has been completed, so there may be a slight delay of a few minutes before the signed copy shows up in your account.

Congratulations, you’ve just collected an e-Signature without having to leave your Egnyte account!

Send with a template

In addition to sending a regular file for signature, Egnyte supports sending a template from the More menu. This kicks off a signature flow using your Adobe Sign templates. Once the document is signed, it is returned to the folder from which the “send template” workflow was launched.




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