Why am I seeing “None” in Folder Permissions Reports?


When you remove permissions to access a folder from a group or a user and the folder inherited these permissions from a parent folder, you will see a None record for this group or user in the Folder Permissions Report.

Permissions Inheritance

Egnyte folders under the Shared folders automatically inherit permissions from their parent folder. When you add a permission to a shared folder (i.e. /Shared/Project Alpha) for a group or user, that permission will also apply to any of its sub-folders (i.e. /Shared/Project Alpha/Finance and Budget) unless there is a more specific permission for that group or user on the sub-folder.


If you want to restrict access to specific folders (i.e. Finance and Budget or Performance Reviews) and their sub-folders, you can do one of the following:

  • Remove permissions through the Web UI.
  • Remove permissions through the API.
  • Turn inheritance off.

Remove Permissions via Web UI

When you remove a group or user permissions from a folder, the group or user will not be able to access the folder and its sub-folders (unless the permissions to the sub-folders are explicitly given to the groups or users). To do this, simply click on the X next to the user or group you want to remove and click Done.


In the Folder Permissions Report you will see the corresponding None entries (when the removed groups or users were set on a parent folder):


However, other permissions will still be inherited. For instance, when you later add permissions (i.e. for a Technicians group) to the parent Project Alpha folder, the Finance and Budget folder will inherit these permissions.

Remove Permissions via API

Permissions for existing users or groups can be removed with Egnyte Permissions API by passing a None permission.

However, as in the case above, other permissions will still be inherited.

Turn Inheritance Off

To completely block the inheritance for a folder, you can turn the inheritance off.

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