Running a Folder Permissions Report


The Folder Permissions Report allows you to export all of the permissions for a folder and all of its sub-folders. The report is accessible to administrators and power users with roles that allow for reporting. To access this report, click the menu icon and select Reports from the drop down. From the left navigation panel, expand Permissions Reports and click Folder Permissions Report.


Report Options

When you choose this option you can enter the criteria for the report.

You have 3 options to choose from:

  1. Selected folder only: You can choose the /Shared folder (the default) or any other folder
  2. Selected folder and subfolders: You can choose whether the report should include permissions from the selected folder and all of its descendants (the default) or just the selected folder
  3. List all the users within groups: By default, permissions for groups just list the name of the group with the permission, but if you choose this option the report will include a separate row for each user in the group.

    Note: If you have many group permissions this can result in a very large report.

If you leave all of the options to the default values this report will generate a list of all permissions set in the entire domain.

Run the Report

Once you submit the report, the report will run in the background. For large requests, this report can take up to several minutes to run. The report results will be stored in the folder /Shared/Egnyte Reports/Folder Permissions Listing and you will receive an email once the report has been completed.

If you run a report under a Power User and the Power User does not have access to the folder: /Shared/Egnyte Reports/Folder Permissions Listing, you will find the report in a user-specific folder: /Shared/Egnyte Reports/Reports by Power Users/username/Folder Permissions Listing.


Notes and Limitations

  • This report includes a row for each explicit permission set on a folder (i.e. the folder upon which the permission is set). It does not include a row for each sub-folder/descendant that inherits a permission.
  • The report includes a row for each explicitly removed permission when the permission had been inherited from the parent folder. Refer to "Why am I seeing “None” in Folder Permissions Reports?" for more details.
  • Only one permissions report can be executed at once per Egnyte domain.
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