Using Cloud Migration Manager to Migrate to Egnyte


Cloud Migration Manager (CMM) is Egnyte’s self-service data migration tool that enables you to easily migrate files, folders and their associated permissions from a network share over SMB protocol to the cloud. There are a few considerations to take into account for you to determine if the Cloud Migration Manager is the right data migration tool for you. For example, CMM is deployed as a VM and hence requires VM infrastructure.

This article outlines CMM capabilities, key considerations and migration steps that will help you plan for your data migration. After reading this article, the Egnyte Administrator will be able to decide whether Cloud Migration Manager is the right migration tool, and will be able to derive a high-level time and effort estimate for migrating data using Cloud Migration Manager.

What CMM can migrate



Data Size


If the source folder for migration is more than 1TB, you can split the migration into several smaller jobs, where each job migrates a subset of the data (<1TB) from your network share over SMB protocol

Number of files and folders

1 Million 

If the source folder for migration has more than 1 Million files and sub-folders, you can split the migration into several smaller migration jobs, where each job migrates a subset of the files and folders (< 1 Million) from your network share

Migrate Permissions

Cloud Migration Manager allows you to migrate permissions from your network share over SMB protocol.

This article outlines how permissions on the network share are translated to Egnyte Cloud permissions.

Supported Permission Model on source: Windows NTFS 

Supported File Types

Microsoft Office Suite (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx)

Adobe Suite (.ps, .eps, .prn, .ai, .psd, .u3d, .prc, .indd)

Image files (.bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .tif, .png, .pcx, .emf, .rle, .dib)

AutoDesk AutoCAD (.dwg, .dwt, .dxf, .dwf, .dst)

AutoDesk Revit (.rvt)

AutoDesk 3D files (.u3d, .prc)

Text Files (.txt, .rtf)

Compressed files (.zip)

Supported File Size

Maximum file size based on your plan

Check your plan details for more information

Supported Folder Size

50,000 files/sub-folders per folder

If you have a folder with more than 50,000 files or sub-folders, split the parent folder into smaller folders with less than 50,000 immediate children

Maximum Length of Filename

245 bytes

Files with title greater than 245 bytes will be skipped from migration. Please fix such file names before migration
A file path is structured in the following order:Drive letter, colon, backslash, and, name, components separated by backslashes. Example: X:\Shared\Sales\Customers\ACME\ = 31 characters

Maximum Length of Folder Path

5000 bytes

Supported SMB Protocols on Source

SMB2 and SMB3

Supported Migration Source

Windows Server 2008 and later


What CMM cannot migrate




Support for Data True-ups


If the files and folders on the source folder for migration are constantly changing (due to user edits) during or after migration, CMM cannot capture the differences and migrate these delta changes to cloud.

Note: Repeating the migration will result in duplicates and therefore double the amount of storage consumed.

Storage Sync

Deploy Storage Sync and move the contents of source repository to it and set up a drive letter for your users to point to Storage Sync. That way, users can continue to modify files while Storage Sync synchronizes these modifications with Egnyte cloud.

Support for Permission True-ups


If permissions on the source folder for migration are constantly changing during or after migration, CMM cannot capture the differences and migrate these delta changes to the cloud.

Once you migrate the permissions, they should be managed in the cloud moving forward.

Apply permissions directly in the cloud.

Support for HTTP Proxy Server


CMM cannot migrate if it is deployed behind a HTTP Proxy server. This is needed in order for CMM to make direct outbound HTTP connections to Egnyte cloud servers.

Storage Sync & FTP support HTTP Proxy

Storage Sync/FTP

Delegate Migration to non-admin user or service accounts


Migration has to be run as an Egnyte Cloud Admin. We currently do not allow Power Users to migrate data.

Storage Sync with Service Account.

Support for older SMB protocols


CMM cannot migrate data from old Windows Servers (e.g. Windows Server 2003) that only support SMB1 protocol.

  • You will require to update your Windows Server to a version that supports SMB2 or newer protocols
  • Storage Sync / FTP / Hard Drive Shipment

Support for Migrating SMB shares over VPN


CMM cannot scan and migrate SMB shares across the VPN.

You will require to deploy CMM within the same local network or subnet as the source SMB share.

Migrate Users and Groups


  1. Active Directory Migration: AD Kit
  2. Third-party SSO: Egnyte integrates with  SSO/SAML Providers

Document Repositories that do not support SMB


Cloud Migration Manager cannot be used to migrate data from Linux Servers (or NFS mount points), SharePoint or other on-premise servers that do not support SMB

  1. FTP can be used as a possible alternative to migrate from Linux Servers
  2. For other source repositories, contact Professional Services

Unsupported Characters in File Names

To maintain compatibility with Windows file naming conventions, we do not support file and folder names which include characters such as “\”, “:” and more.

Refer to this article to learn more about the unsupported characters.

Fix the file names to conform with the Windows file naming conventions before migrating them to the cloud.

Unsupported File Types

Database files (Exchange, Quickbooks, SQL, Oracle, MS Access)

Package Files (Mac specific files)

Resource forks

Alternative Data Streams

Refer to this article to learn more about the unsupported file types.

No workaround.

Egnyte does not support migrating these file types to the cloud.

Files without a Last Modified Time or a Last Modified Time in the future


Cloud Migration Manager cannot migrate these files and they will be detected during the scan.

Change the last modified time to a current time or time in the past.


Project Milestones & Migration Set Up


Approximate Duration


Due Date

1. Set up your Egnyte domain.

1 Day


2. Configure Users and Groups in your Egnyte domain.

1 Day


3. Install Cloud Migration Manager.

Half Day


4. Configure Cloud Migration Manager.

Half Day


5. Perform Migration.

Varies depending on amount of data


6. Cut over users to the cloud or Storage Sync.

1 Day


Once you’re ready to get started, all the steps for installation and configuration are detailed in the Cloud Migration Manager Product Guide.

CMM Requirements 



Virtual Infrastructure

VMWare ESXi 6.5 or newer

Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V

Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V

VM Requirements

4 cores, 8GB RAM

Network Bandwidth

> 100 Mbps available for upload

Firewall Rules

Enable Outbound Connections to:

<your-cloud> (US datacenters) (EU datacenters)

Sync-<your-cloud> http://dockerhost:8222/api/should_upgrade http://dockerhost:8222/version or (one of these DNS entries need to be whitelisted)

IPv6 address: 2001:4860:4860::8888 2001:4860:4860::8844

Migration Source

Windows Server or network share over SMB

SMB2, SMB3 protocols

Windows Domain Administrator Account

Required for scanning permissions and files on network share (source for migration)

License Requirements

Free for Egnyte Customers


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