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Unsupported Characters and File Types

The following list contains information about unsupported file and folder names, attributes, and other path restrictions.

File and Folder Names

To maintain compatibility with Windows' file naming conventions, we do not support file and folder names which include the following characters:

 \  /  "   :  < >  |  *  ?  +  

  • ending with period(s)
  • beginning or ending with spaces
  • Control characters

File or folder names that: 

  • match one of the following exactly: .ds_store, .metadata_never_index, .thumbs_db, powerpoint temp, desktop.ini, icon\r
  • end with: ., ~, ._attribs_, ._rights_, ._egn_, _egnmeta, .tmp, -spotlight, .dwl, .dwl1, .dwl2, .ac$, .sv$
  • start with: ._, .~, word work file, _egn_., .smbdelete
  • start with: ~ and end with .idlk, .xlsx, .xlsx (deleted), .pptx, .pptx (deleted)
  • start with: ~$ and end with .doc, .docx, .docx (deleted), .ppt, .pptx, .pptx (deleted), .xlsm, .xlsm (deleted), .sldlfp, .slddrw
  • AutoCAD temp files starting with atmp and ending with four numbers, e.g. atm3829
  • SAS temp files ending in .sas.b follwed by two numbers, e.g.
  • PDF temp files starting with aa followed by a single letter followed by five numbers, e.g. aau38221 

Folders names that:

  • match one of the following exactly: .data, .tmp
  • start with: .spotlight-

Files and folders containing these characters will not upload, sync or may encounter other restrictions.

File Attributes

Files which have the 'T' (temporary) attribute set in Windows, with the exception of pdf files, will not be uploaded or synced. 

Path Limits


Limit is 245 bytes per path component (e.g. a file or folder name) and 5000 bytes for the entire path (including the filename).  Microsoft Office imposes a 215 character limit on Office files.

Desktop Sync for Windows

Desktop Sync for Windows is subject to the same path length limitations as Microsoft Windows.

Egnyte Drive for Mac/Windows

Egnyte Drive is subject to the Microsoft Excel maximum folder path limit of 218 characters.


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