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Using the Permissions Browser


The Permissions Browser lets you quickly search and find which users and groups have access to which folders. You can also see what permission level they have and who granted the permissions. We make it easy to see who has access to your sensitive data. 

By Folders Tab


The By Folders tab allows you to see the effective permissions for a folder. Navigate to a folder of interest using the tree in the left pane. The list of all users with access to the folder will appear in the right pane. Each user and group's effective permission for the folder is shown. How each user derives their permission is also shown in the Granted column. This will either be by membership in a group or via direct permission assignment for the user.

For each folder you will also see a count of the number of users with access, along with a count of the number of access control issues for the folder. If a folder contains sensitive content, a red S will show against the folder name in the tree on the left. If sensitive content is in the selected folder, then hovering over the red S in the right pane will show a tooltip listing the matching classification policies in the folder.

By Users & Groups Tab


The By Users & Groups tab allows you to see the effective permissions for a user or group. This enables you to see the folder structure of your content repositories "through the eyes" of a user. Type the name or email address of a user or name of a group to see their permissions.

By default, only folders accessible by the selected user or group are shown. You can show all folders by turning off the Show only folders accessible by... switch.




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