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Secure & Govern (21.5) - Duplicate file remediation, SPO to Egnyte migration


Release Date: Jun 17, 2024 | Secure & Govern 21.5

New Features and Enhancements

Duplicate File Remediation - Shortcuts and Stub Files

When deleting duplicate files via Secure & Govern, users now have the option to leave a stub file (which contains a message letting other users know why the file has been deleted) and/or a shortcut to a file in another location.

delete duplicate dialog box.png

For more information, please review Duplicate File Remediation.

Egnyte to Egnyte Connector - Removal of newly created connections

The Stop and remove option on a newly created Egnyte to Egnyte connection will now be disabled for a short period of time until the connection finishes the initial sync.

Previously, when a user clicked on stop and remove option, an Egnyte to Egnyte connection soon after it was created, the Egnyte UI was updated to show a Cancellation in progress status. This status was used to inform the user that the deletion request was received, and the connection would soon be deleted.

egnyte to egnyte connector job list.png

Egnyte to Egnyte Connector from Collaborate

Egnyte to Egnyte Connector is now available from Egnyte Collaborate for Platform Enterprise Lite, Platform Enterprise, Document Room, and Life Sciences (non-GXP) plans.  Admins or power users with full permissions on a folder and its subfolders will be able to create an Egnyte to Egnyte connection directly from the Share menu.
Egnyte to egnyte collaborate menu.png

SharePoint Online to Egnyte Cloud migration (Limited Availability)

SharePoint Online (SPO) to Egnyte cloud migration can now be used to migrate both the Shared and user's private data(necessary permissions are required). 

  • SharePoint Online should be added as a content source in Secure and Govern. 
  • Global Administrator access permission is required on SPO to perform cloud migration from SharePoint to Egnyte Cloud.

spo to egnyte migration configuration.png

For more details and step-by-step migration process refer SPO to Egnyte Cloud Migration User guide.


Additional Information And Resources 

  • Expanded Ransomware artifact coverage

  • Minor performance and stability improvements 

  • Minor logging and UI improvements 

  • Minor bug fixes 

The changes will be available to all users by June 17, 2024. 

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