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Personalised Action Recommendations for iOS


The Egnyte mobile app for iOS improves user experience with personalized suggestions and helpful tips, offering potential next steps based on what you're currently doing. This feature assists in uncovering related functionalities and optimizing your workflow.

For example, if a user opens a PDF file to annotate it, they may receive a suggestion to explore the PDF Page Editor for further editing options. 

Personalised_Action_Recommendations_iOS - 1.png

Another example where personalized suggestions may be helpful is connected with the Project Folders workflow. When a user navigates to a Project Folder for which the location hasn’t been set yet, he will be recommended.

Recommendations may include links to help desk articles or buttons that redirect users to the suggested feature. 

Users can dismiss recommendations by clicking the close button or by clicking away. Additionally, users have the option to control whether they receive feature recommendations by toggling this setting on or off in the application’s Settings.

Personalised_Action_Recommendations_iOS - 2.png

Personalized Action Recommendations on iOS - Requirments

Personalized Action Recommendations are available to users who have version 8.30 (or higher) of the Egnyte Mobile App and whose devices are running iOS version 17 (or higher). The most up to date version of the Egnyte app is always available in the Apple application store.

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