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PDF Page Editor on Mobile iOS


Egnyte iOS App users on Enterprise and Enterprise Lite plans can now utilize the capabilities of the PDF Page Editor, a robust enhancement introduced in version 8.22. This feature empowers users with a range of powerful actions, including:

  • Adding Pages: Seamlessly integrate new pages into existing PDF documents.
  • Importing Pages: Directly import pages from other documents into the PDF you're working on.
  • Extracting Pages: Effortlessly extract pages from PDFs to create separate, independent documents.
  • Page Manipulation: Take control with the ability to rotate, rearrange, delete, or duplicate pages whenever it's required.

The new feature can be accessed by tapping on the Edit button in the right lower corner of the PDF preview screen, followed by selecting the PDF Page Editor icon as shown below.

Mobile iOS_PDF Editor_1.png   Mobile iOS_PDF Editor_3.png

The next screenshot shows which icons to use for the specific PDF Page Editor actions.

Mobile iOS_PDF Editor_2.jpg


To access the PDF Page Editor make sure you use version 8.22 or higher. The latest version of the app is always available in the Apple AppStore.

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