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WebUI - Opening Files/Folders in Egnyte Desktop App and Egnyte Sign UI Update


External Release Notes: WebUI (June 5, 2024)

New Features And Enhancements

Opening Files/Folders in Egnyte Desktop App from WebUI (General Availability)

Opening files or folders directly in the Egnyte Desktop App from the WebUI is made generally available. This feature enhances the file-accessing experience within the platform.

WEB UI-1.png

The minimum device requirements for the feature to work are:
- Egnyte Desktop App 3.16 or higher for Windows
- Egnyte Desktop App Core 0.10.3 or higher for MacOS

Click here to learn more about opening files or folders directly in the Egnyte Desktop App

Egnyte Sign - New Recipients and Fields UI

Egnyte Sign now has a new UI for its Recipients & Fields section. Requesters can now use a dropdown placed above the fields to select the signer’s name and assign fields to that signer.

WEB UI-2.png

Click here to learn more about Sending and Managing Signature Requests.

Issues Addressed

Issue with Project Folder Creation via Templates

An error message is displayed when creating a folder from Project Template. The folder was created, but it was not marked as a Project.

Additional Information and Resources

The current release contains a few improvements to existing functionality.

  • Minor performance, security, and stability improvements
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

 These changes will be available to all users by June 6, 2024.


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