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Desktop App Core for Mac v0.13.0 - Release notes within the App


Release Date:  May 16th, 2024 | Desktop App Core for Mac 0.13.0

New Features and Improvements

Release notes within the DA Core

Users can now see the enhancements with each upgrade within the application and stay informed about the improvements.

DA release note screeshot.png   

Open files from 3rd party Recently opened files (Limited Availability)

We have addressed a known limitation, where opening files from a third-party application’s recently opened files feature (for example, recently opened files in MS Word) may have resulted in opening an older version of the file (if the file has been changed by someone else and the user hasn’t visited the folder where the file resides). This capability will be rolled out in phases over the next few weeks.


Issues Addressed

Using ::egnyte_username:: tag to set up Connected folders in CLI

Resolved an issue in version 0.12.0 that caused the ::egnyte_username:: tag to be disabled. You can now use this tag to set up Connected folders using the command line interface.


Known Issues & Limitations

No new limitations have been discovered.

Refer to this article for the list of known limitations

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