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Desktop App For Windows V 3.17.0 - Windows ARM support


Release Date: April 25, 2024. Desktop App for v 3.17.0

New features and improvements

Window ARM Support

We are introducing Windows ARM Support, enabling users to leverage the full capabilities of the Desktop App for Windows on ARM-based devices.

Known limitation: Currently, if the Desktop App is deployed to ARM-based devices using MDM tools or by running msiexec with /qn or /quiet switch, Egnyte right-click context menu options will not be available. This will be addressed in an upcoming patch release.


Issues Addressed

Allow elevated (admin) processes to access files on DA

In the current implementation, only non-elevated processes running in the context of the currently logged-in user can access files on Egnyte drives. We have introduced an installation flag, ED_ADMIN_ACCESS, which will activate the necessary configuration at the driver level to allow Egnyte drive access for elevated processes. Learn more.

Restore missing permissions in the registry

Implemented a mechanism in Desktop App updater (EgnyteUpdate.exe) to restore missing permissions in the registry while updating the application.

Co-edit settings not reflecting in Desktop App after updating them on the cloud

Resolved an issue where Desktop App was unable to refresh co-edit settings updated in WebUI in some cases.

Support to .bak files

This release has reverted the changes related to blocking of .bak files and now includes support for synchronizing .bak files.


Known Issues/Limitations

No other limitations have been discovered.

Refer to this article for the list of known limitations.


Additional Information and Resources

Download the latest installer from this link.

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