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WebUI - Simplified Document Creation using Draft Mode and Saved URLs Widget on the Project Dashboard


Release Date: April 18, 2024 | WebUI

New Features and Enhancements

Creating a Draft Document

Egnyte now provides users the ability to quickly create a Microsoft or Google document in Draft mode via the Create menu. This allows users to work on the document without worrying about its visibility and sharing with others until it’s ready. Once the document is ready, users can Publish it to the path where it was created (by default), or choose another.

Learn more here.

webUI- draft mode.png

This feature will be available for all Platform Plans. Contact your account manager or Egnyte Sales team to switch to a platform plan.

Saved URLs Widget on the Project Dashboard (Limited Availability)

The Saved URLs widget on the Project Dashboard displays all link files added to the project folder (including its subfolders) that a given user has access to. Additionally, it gives an option to create new URLs and add them to the project folder.

webUI- Saved URLs list.png

More information on this widget can be found in the article.

Project Dashboard is only available in the Project Control Add-On. Contact your account manager or Egnyte Sales team to get this add-on.

The saved URLs Widget is currently in limited availability. Contact support@egnyte.com if you’d like to enable this feature for your domain.


Issues Addressed

Discrepancies in Monthly Usage Report Numbers

There were inconsistencies between the audit records of user activity and the numbers displayed in the Users tab of the Reports Center, specifically regarding last access/creation information. 


Additional Information and Resources

  • Minor performance, security, and stability improvements
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

These changes will be available to all users by April 18, 2024.

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