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Renaming Files/Folders in WebUI  


Egnyte simplifies the process of renaming files/folders in the WebUI. With just a few clicks, users can effortlessly select a file or folder and modify their name.  

Renaming a File/Folder 

Select the intended file or folder and choose Rename from the context menu.


Enter the desired name in the Name field and click Rename.


Who Can Rename Files and Folders?  

Administrators and Owners  

Administrators and users with "Owner" permissions have the rename capabilities enabled by default. 

Editor and Full  

Users with "Editor" or "Full" access will see rename as an option in the context menu. However, they will be able to rename a file or folder only if the Administrator or a user with "Owner" access has provided them with the permissions.  

Viewer and Viewer-Only  

Users with "Viewer" or "Viewer-only" access cannot rename the files/folders. The rename option will not show up in the context menu. 

Modifying Folder Rename Permissions 

The folder permissions can be changed from More -> Folder Details & Options.  


Admins and users with "Owner" permissions can click on Options and change the folder permissions to Admin, Owners, and users with full permissions.


These changes will automatically apply to all the sub-folders and files within the folder.

Renaming a folder is considered a "move" from the old path to the new path. It will affect the folder itself, subfolders, and files (as all folder contents will effectively be moved to a new, renamed path). The change in the folder path is shown in the example below. Folder ‘Operations’ is renamed to ‘Operations Folder’ in this case.


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