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Desktop App For WIN V 3.16.3 - AI: Ask a Document


Release Date: March 14, 2024. Desktop App for v 3.16.3

New features and improvements

AI: Ask a document (Limited Availability)

We are introducing the powerful AI-Driven Document Summarization & Document Q&A feature to the Desktop App. Users who already have access to this feature in Egnyte's WebUI will also be able to access it directly from the context menu using the Ask a document option.

DA win - Ask a document context menu.png

DA win - ask a document UI.png

As a result, a native chat window will be presented, where users can request a file summarization or ask questions about the file and its content.

This functionality extends the capabilities of an existing AI engine already integrated within Egnyte's WebUI. For more information, refer to our helpdesk article.

AI: Ask a document will be available for selected customers in the upcoming days. If you are interested in trying it out, contact our support team at support@egnyte.com.

Issues Addressed

.Syn file synchronization issue

We've addressed an issue where, in certain cases, updates made to a .syn file by a user were not visible to other users.

Known Issues/Limitations

No new limitations have been discovered.

Refer to this article for the list of known limitations.

Additional Information and Resources

Download the latest installer from this link.

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