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Egnyte iOS App for Intune v8.27.1 - Miscellaneous Improvements


Release Date: March 11, 2024 | Egnyte iOS Mobile App v. 8.27.1 (for Intune) 

New features and enhancements

Microsoft Intune SDK update to version 19.1.0

The Egnyte iOS App for Microsoft Intune has been updated to version 19.1.0 of the Intune SDK for iOS which contains important fixes.

The iOS for Intune App has been brought up to parity with the latest version of the Egnyte iOS app and users will now have access to the following features

Secure and Govern Notifications

Egnyte Secure and Govern subscribers using the mobile app can now receive issue and sensitive content alerts on their devices. Mobile alerts are enabled by default and can be managed in the S&G Alerts tab. These push notifications are visible on locked screens and can be reviewed in the Notifications screen of the app.

iPad users can opt to be directed to their Secure and Govern login page, where they'll be guided to the relevant tab based on the alert type.

Egnyte for Intune - S & G notifications.png

Location-Triggered Project Access Notifications

If the geographic location is set within a Project Folder, users who travel to the location can receive an automatic notification upon arriving at the project's address. The notification offers the users an option to jump directly to the relevant Project Folder.

Location triggered project access notifications.png Location triggered project access notifications2.png

Users who want to receive the Project Access Notifications need to enable location services in the device settings and allow the Egnyte app to access the device location. Location-Triggered Project Access Notifications are available for Project Control Add-on users only.

URL Files

Egnyte Mobile App now provides the ability to create Links as Assets or links as files. The Create/Upload menu provides the option to create URL files. Users can specify the link and a name for the URL file. The link can be to a website, a confluence page, or an internal URL.

Egnyte for intune - url files.png Egnyte for intune - url files 2.png

On tapping on the Save button, a .url file is created with a link specified.

Once the link is clicked, it opens in the previewer where the users can see the link and click on Open to access it.

Egnyte for intune - URL preview.png URL files on mobile - after clicking open.png

Ask AI

‘Ask AI’ is an enhanced document interaction experience featuring seamlessly integrated Document Summarization and Q&A capabilities.

In order to create a document summary prepared by AI, users need to do the following:

  • Go to a document and open its preview.
  • Click on the Ask button.
  • On the next screen, users can select the Summarize this document button to generate the summary or ask the chatbot questions about the document content.
  • Users can select one of the questions suggested by AI or type their own.
  • Additionally, users can provide feedback on whether the answer is useful by using the thumbs-up/thumbs-down icons.

Egnyte for intune - ask AI.png Egnyte for intune - ask AI2.png

Project Folder Creation Updates

This release also adds an update connected with Project Folder Creation in the Egnyte for Intune iOS mobile app. Users who create project folders in the mobile app are presented with additional information related to metadata when relevant. The additional information is shown in the upper part of the Project Details screen.

Egnyte for intune - project creation update notifications.png

Known Issues and Limitations

The Egnyte For Intune IOS App differs in functionality from its regular counterpart in several ways. Certain features such as Co-Editing of Microsoft Office documents, the File Provider extension that integrates with the iOS Files app, and Image Markups are disabled in the Egnyte for Intune app.

Additional Information And Resources

Egnyte for Intune version 8.27.1 can be downloaded from the AppStore

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