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Smart Cache 4.7.5 - Device Dashboard UI Improvement


External Release Notes: Smart Cache v4.7.5 (March 15, 2024) General Availability

New Features and Enhancements

New Improved Device Dashboard UI

The device dashboard interface has been redesigned for an improved aesthetic and user experience. Previously, the settings options, which were organized in a vertical tree structure, have been relocated to a top-level horizontal layout, streamlining the user experience and making it easier for end-users to navigate between tabs.

Here are the changes to the list of Device Dashboard Tabs:

  • Device Details - Under this tab, the data is now represented as tiles with two additional fields added (“Device Configuration mode” andAutomatic purging of uploaded policy Status”) which are mentioned in the next section.

  • Device Usage - No changes outside of UI redesign for the tab.

  • Device Settings - The sub-tabs (Access Rules, Cache Warming, Policies Management, Upgrades, and Folder Sync) are given a horizontal layout but no further changes within them.

Device Configuration Mode Status

Now the end-users can get to know the Device Configuration mode status on the Device details home page itself. 

To locate the status, navigate via the following path,

Settings → Storage devices → <Smart Cache device name> → Details →Device Configuration mode” label.

Device configuration mode can be either of the below options:

  • Desktop App Collaboration - The Desktop App (DA) will be used as a client to connect to the Smart Cache device through the REST protocol.
  • SMB Collaboration - A UNC path will be used as a client to connect to the Smart Cache device through the SMB protocol.

Data collection or Revit & Civil 3D sub-modes cannot be differentiated under SMB mode.

Automatic Purging of Uploaded Policy Status

The end-user can view the status of the caching policy "Automatically purge uploaded files" directly within Device Details, as depicted in the screenshot below.

To locate the status, navigate via the following path:

Settings → Storage devices → <Smart Cache device name> → Details → “Automatically purge uploaded files” label.

This is a system-created policy by the Smart Cache device when configured in “Data Collection mode”. The policy can be detached and will result in the status being 'No’.

The policy can be attached or detached within the Settings tab of the Device Dashboard.

Issues Addressed

  • Improved folder listing performance for folders that are served by folder synchronization (a.k.a. remote folders) only.  However, this does not apply to folders served by cached functionality on the Desktop App mode of Smart Cache.

Remember Desktop App Collaboration mode supports both cache and synced folder options but this improvement is applicable only for synced folders (a.k.a. remote folders).

Downloads (If Applicable)

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Smart Cache Home Page

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