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Migration App Release: Documentation and Error Reporting Improvements


Migration App Agent v3.24 / Control Plane v1.26. Release Date 1/5/24

Migration Job Logs Documentation

We have published a new Helpdesk article documenting how to find and use job logs to troubleshoot, confirm migration, understand what is deleted, and view checksums. 

Job Concurrency Limit

By default, all domains have a maximum job concurrency of 4. This means that only four jobs can be actively running at any one time.

As a result, Migration App will automatically stop any migration job that exceeds the maximum concurrency for that domain. If you attempt to initiate a job beyond the limit, the job will fail and you will see the following error message:

"You have exceeded the defined limit for the number of jobs running at one time. You may only run four jobs concurrently. Please pause one or more migration jobs."

Error Handling and Reporting Improvements

We modified email messaging for various errors to be more verbose and include the reason for the failure as well as recommendation or process for resolving the error.

Additional Information and Resources

Understanding Migration App Logs

How Many Concurrent Migration Commands Can Run on My Domain? 


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