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Best Practices for Creating an Egnyte Folder Structure


Egnyte has the flexibility to create a custom folder structure that best fits your company's organization and use-cases. This custom folder structure will make it easy to organize and find data and apply permissions. Sign in to Egnyte University to watch this video on creating folder templates in Egnyte to learn more.  

Use Cases

The optimal folder structure depends on your company structure and use cases for Egnyte. We have some suggestions below to jump-start the process.


Construction companies have many projects in various locations. We recommend creating a folder structure in the form Region > Job Site > Project. There can also be a folder for past jobs that is treated as an archive.


High Tech

Technology companies have multiple departments that each collaborate frequently. We recommend having a top-level folder for every department. For example, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, and Engineering.



Retail companies have many offices scattered around the world. The headquarters can be in one place, but there are many more satellite offices. If you have multiple offices, we recommend creating a folder structure by location where each office location has its own top-level folder.


Apply Folder Permissions

The folder structure is greatly influenced by how to simplify permissions. Think about how your company treats data. Do users in one location have similar permissions? Do users with one job role have similar permissions? Then it makes sense to create a group, add the users to the group and give permissions to the group (not to the individual users). Refer to Sharing with Folder Permissions article to learn about setting folder permissions.

File and Folder Size Limitations

  • Maximum number of files in a folder (immediate children): 50,000
  • Maximum number of sub-folders in a folder (immediate children): 50,000
  • Maximum path length: 5,000 bytes
  • Note that it is not possible to browse a folder in the Desktop App if it has more than 25,000 files and/or folders as immediate children
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