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Stability and Performance Improvements with Smart Cache Ver 4.7.3


Product:  Smart Cache ver 4.7.3 Release Date: Dec 8th, 2023 (GA)

Preventing users from selecting same folder in both Folder Sync and Cache Warming settings

If a user selects a folder in Folder Sync settings then the same folder and all of its subfolders or parent folders in the existing folder hierarchy will not be allowed for selection in the Cache Warming settings. This is to avoid users selecting the same folder for both functionalities which eventually conflicts with each other. The opposite is also valid.

Below are the screenshots of the Cache Warming and Folder Sync settings respectively where user is prevented from selecting the same folder in both settings:

Screenshot at Dec 01 00-32-15.png

Screenshot at Dec 01 00-17-04.png

For more information refer to the article Restriction preventing same folder selection in Folder Sync and Cache Warming

Fixed incorrect Info banner message on Folder Sync settings when Smart Cache is configured in SMB mode

Earlier on the folder sync settings page the info banner message was misleading as it was displaying the same message irrespective of whatever mode the device is configured. But now it's been fixed where a generic SMB mode info banner message is displayed.

Screenshot at Dec 01 00-18-14.png

Maximum single disk size limit on Smart Cache host VM is now increased from 2TB to 16TB

Single disk size limit has been increased from 2TB to 16TB but the overall disk size (sum up of all disks attached) limit per device is still at 16TB.

The disk needs to be always thick provisioned. Thin provisioning is not recommended for Smart Cache products.

Issues Addressed

  • Fixed an issue related to high CPU utilization of Smart Cache VM even when there is no activity on the device and the device should be configured in SMB mode.

Downloads (If Applicable)

Download Smart Cache

Smart Cache Home Page

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