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Mobile and Desktop Apps


With Egnyte, you can access your files from a variety of mobile and desktop access points. You can use our mobile applications to access and share content on-the-go. Alternatively, you can access files in the cloud from the convenience of a drive letter using the Desktop App and edit files in the Web UI in their native applications using WebEdit.

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Desktop App



With Egnyte’s mobile apps, you can access files on the go, share them easily with co-workers or outside parties, and much more. Apps are available for the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and tablets.


Egnyte Desktop App

Desktop App provides fast real-time access to the files and folders stored in your Egnyte cloud file server from a familiar Mac Finder or Windows file explorer interface. Desktop App is a great option if you want to view and edit your files without having to first sync them to your computer. Files opened using Desktop App will be locked across various access points (Web UI, WebEdit, and other Desktop clients), effectively preventing version conflicts.


Egnyte’s WebEdit enables you to select a file from our Web UI and automatically open it in its native application. Changes you save will automatically appear in the cloud as new versions. This lightweight product is ideal for users who need to edit files on their desktops, but don’t want to install Desktop App. 

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