The powerful integration of Egnyte and Microsoft Office Online enables a seamless user collaboration experience. This article covers how to use the Office Online integration, but you can also leverage the Egnyte Add-in for Microsoft and use Egnyte for Office from your mobile device (iOS, Android, and Windows). In addition, Egnyte's support for Office Online's co-authoring capability enables multiple users to simultaneously edit the same document while viewing changes made by others in real-time. 

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Create a New Microsoft Office365 File

Open and Edit an Office File

Additional Information

Create a New Microsoft Office365 File

You can create a new Office 365 File (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) directly from your Egnyte Web UI in just a few easy steps.

Navigate to your Egnyte Web UI, click on the New drop-down, and select the type of file you'd like to create.


Based on the type of file, it will take you to a new tab where you specify the file name as shown below, and start working on the new file. All changes are automatically saved within Egnyte.


Open and Edit an Office File

To open a file in Office Online, right-click on the file (or click the checkbox next to a file), hover over Open In..., and choose Edit in Word Online.


You may need to log in using your Office 365 account periodically to verify your subscription is active. Once you've done that, you should see your file is ready for editing.


To edit the file, simply make the desired changes to the file. Any changes are automatically saved to Egnyte as they are made. 

Additional Information

Office 365 Licensing Requirements

You must have a valid Office 365 for Business subscription to edit files. More information on Office 365 for Business licensing is available here

Supported File Types

You may notice some Office files have an Edit option while others may only have a View option. This is because Microsoft Office Online only supports their newer file formats (e.g., docx, pptx, xlsx) for editing in Office Online. Others are supported in a view-only mode. A list of supported extensions is available here.

Other Notes

  • Office Online has a more limited feature set than the installed version of Office. Many special features like forms, advanced document elements, etc., can result in an error message prompting you to use read-only mode.
  • Microsoft imposes API size limits for Office Online files. API limitations are imposed equally on all of Microsoft's partners. Egnyte's own API is not limited by these constraints; it will automatically allow larger files to work with Microsoft applications when Microsoft removes or reduces their limitations. Please refer to this helpdesk article for the specific limits for Office Online application.