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WinSCP FTP Client (Windows)



If you have a Windows device, you can use the WinSCP FTP client to transfer files to Egnyte. In this article, we'll walk you through installing and setting up the client, how to upload files once it's installed, and provide the firewall recommendations to ensure the process goes smoothly.

For background information about uploading files using FTP and access to other FTP configuration guides, please see this FTP Overview article.  

If you have more than 50GB data total to transfer, consider using Egnyte's Migration App or some other third-party tool designed to handle larger data migrations.

Exclusions: Please refer to this article for unsupported characters and excluded file types that will not be transferred.  


Upload Files

Firewall Recommendations 


  1. Install the latest version of WinSCP. Opt for the commander mode during the install wizard.
  2. On the New Site page, choose FTP from the File Protocol drop-down.

  3. Select TLS/SSL Explicit encryption from the Encryption drop-down.

  4. Complete the remaining blank fields in this screen:

    Host Name: ftp-[your Egnyte domain].egnyte.com.
    Example: ftp-acme.egnyte.com

    Port Number: 21

    User Name: [your Egnyte user name]$[your Egnyte domain].
    Example: jsmith$acme

    Password: Your Egnyte password.

    SSO authenticated users will have to set a “Non-SSO” password that is only used for FTP. This can be done from the My Preferences tab under My Profile in the Egnyte Web UI.  Instructions for this can be found here

    You can leave this blank.

    When you're done setting up this page, it might look like this:

  5. WinSCP maintains transfer mode as binary and preserves timestamps as a default setting. If you want to change them, you can do so from within the Transfer menu (go to Tools, then Preferences).


  6. Select Binary and click Edit. When the dialog opens, you'll be able to edit whether timestamps are preserved. 

  7. Navigate to Advanced Site Setting.
  8. Open the Connection page and verify the box next to Passive Mode is checked.


Upload Files

  1. Once you connect, simply browse your local drive to upload from the Local Site window on the left. Drag the files to an appropriate folder in the Remote Site on the right (e.g.,/Shared/Documents).

    Egnyte limits FTP users to 6 concurrent transfers. You can change this setting here:


Firewall Recommendations

If your firewall has restrictions and blocks specific ports, you may need to allow outbound FTP port (21). Egnyte uses the following ports for data transfer:

  • 10000-12000
  • 20000-22000
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