Choose Your Own Folder Notifications

Getting Started

You probably have access to many folders within your company’s Egnyte account. Receiving email notifications for updates in all these folders can make it difficult to focus on what’s really relevant to you.

Egnyte’s folder notification feature lets you create notifications for specific folders. You can receive updates about actions like uploads, updates to existing files, deletions, moves, copies, downloads, and preview.

We classify notifications as belonging to one of two types:

  • File additions, updates, and removals
  • File downloads and previews

For Admins

If you are an admin, you can set an account-wide notification policy or allow users to customize these settings themselves from the "User Types & Roles" tab within the “Configuration Settings.” Note that these notification policies are separated for Power Users and Standard Users.


If you want to allow your users to set their own notification policies, enable the setting as shown below. If you want all users of this type to have a single notification policy, disable the option and configure an account-wide policy. Keep in mind that this policy will apply to all Shared folders.



For Everybody

If your account administrator has permitted you to set your own folder notification preferences, you can modify notification preferences from the "My Preferences" tab of the “My Profile” page. From here, you can configure whether notifications are enabled for all folders, only for chosen folders, or disabled entirely. Notification criteria and email frequency can also be customized in this area.

Note that the default policy, in this case, will be to receive hourly notifications for all folders on any adds, updates, or removals.



If you only want to receive notifications for specific folders, make sure to select the “For chosen folders” option.




Keep in mind that if this option is selected, you will not receive any email notifications until you enable notifications for the desired folders.


Pay special attention to the "frequency" option. This determines how often you will receive shared folder notifications. If you set the interval to every day, you will receive a single email each day with all of your shared folder notifications for that day. If you set the interval to every hour, you could receive up to 24 shared folder notification emails in a day. 

Folder-Specific Notifications

To enable notifications for a specific folder, click the “Folder Details & Options” from the “More” dropdown at the top of the screen. Remember, to enable folder-specific notifications you must select the “For chosen folders” option in the “My Profile” section (see above).


From here, you can configure notification criteria for the chosen folder. Here, we have selected the “Finance” folder.



Subfolders will inherit the notification policies of their parent folder, but these can be overridden. For example, the “Accounts Payable” subfolder below can have a different notification policy from its parent “Finance” folder. 

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