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Sync Status Report


Please follow the steps below to run the Sync Status Report from Egnyte's web interface. The report allows you to check the status of each type of sync instance running against your server. 

1. Log on to https://<yourdomain>.egnyte.com as the administrator 

2. Click on the Menu icon in the upper right corner

3. From the panel, click Reports.

4. Click on the Sync Status tab.

5. Choose a specific user(s) or all users under Select User.

6. Choose a specific device(s) or all device types under the Select Local Cloud Type drop-down menu. 

Note: You can also check the Show Failed Syncs Only box to pull a report on any failed syncs.


 7. Click Submit


To learn more about this and other reporting options you have available, check out Reports & Auditing Overview.


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