Running a Login Audit Report

Note: The Login Audit Report is available for Business and Enterprise plans. 

Locate the Login Audit Report from among the list of options available.

When you click the Login Audit report, the following dialog is presented, allowing you to choose the parameters for the report.

Report name is a mandatory field to help identify your reports.



  • Date range – Narrow down auditing by activity date. Note that Egnyte purges all  logs older than 3 months.
  • Access type Specify the interface through which the user accessed Egnyte. The report provides  information for access from the Web UI (browser), mobile devices, and FTP.
  • Events – Choose if you want to view login, logout or failed login events.
  • Users – Choose the users or groups whose activity you wish to view.

Viewing Login Audit Report Output

When you submit any audit report, you will receive an email within few minutes letting you know that the report is ready for viewing. The reports are also accessible through notification messages displayed on your home page.

Note: Since audit logs for file activity are captured periodically through the day, you may not see activity for the last few hours in your report.

The Login audit report displays the following information:

  • Date  – The date and exact time of the login attempt.
  • User – User whose login activity you are viewing.
  • Access – Source of the login, e.g. web UI, FTP etc.
  • IP Address – IP address from which your Egnyte file server was accessed
  • Event - Reflects the event type (e.g. login, logout, failed login, etc)
  • Logout Time – The date and exact time of the logout event.
  • Attempts The number of failed login attempts, if any.  This number should be 0 if the user did not have failed attempts.
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