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Shared and Private Folders


With Egnyte, your files are stored in one of two main directories: your domain's Shared folder or your Private folder.

Shared Folder 

The Shared Folder is the main directory for your company's files. When an Egnyte domain is first created, the Shared Folder will only contain sample folders. Administrators (or a Power User belonging to a role with access to create top-level folders) can create a sub-folder directly beneath the main Shared folder, like Sales, Engineering, Finance, etc. Power or Standard Users with the appropriate permission level can create sub-folders beneath these new folders.


  • Files cannot be saved directly to the Shared Folder; you must save them in a subfolder.
  • The Shared folder name, description, and permissions cannot change.
  • The Shared folder cannot be deleted.

Private Folder

Administrators and Power Users may each have a Private sub-folder, which is ideal for personal documents like pay statements, performance assessments, and other documents that wouldn't be shared with other employees. Each sub-folder is named after the user to whom it belongs. Within their private sub-folder, each Power User can create as many additional sub-folders as they please.  

In some cases, Administrators may not want users to save any documents privately. So they may want the Private folders to be disabled. If you would like to disable Private Folders on your account or if you do not see this option, please contact Support

Administrators can access (and edit data) within all the Private folders in their domain. An Administrator's private folder will appear with their name, while those of the other user's in their account will appear in the All Private Folders section. 


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