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Executable Files (.EXE) and the Desktop App


This article clarifies the limitations of executable files when using the Desktop App. While executable files (.EXE) can be stored and viewed, there are restrictions on executing them directly from the app.


Storing Executable Files

Executable files can be stored in the cloud without any issues. They will appear in your folders like any other file.

Viewing and Managing Executable Files

When you access these files through the Desktop App, these files will be visible within your cloud folders. You can also copy, rename, move, or download them with the correct permissions. 

Executing Executable Files

Attempting to run executable files directly from the Desktop App may not work. The files might not execute as if stored locally on your machine. It is not supported. 

Exception: Connected Folders

There is a critical exception to this limitation. If the executable file is stored in a Connected Folder, it will execute normally when you run it. Connected Folders are local folders synced with the cloud, so any executable files within them behave as they would if they were stored locally.


In summary, while you can store and view executable files in the cloud through our Desktop App, you may only be able to execute them directly if they are in a Connected Folder. If running executable files is part of your workflow, keeping them in Connected Folders for seamless operation is best.

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