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Real-Time Folder Update Notifications and Co-Editable Links for Google Files on WebUI


Product: WebUI Release Date: September 20, 2023

Real-Time Folder Update Notifications on Web UI (Limited Availability)

Egnyte is pleased to introduce the feature of real-time folder update notifications on the WebUI. With this new feature, when the user is working within a folder and other users make some changes to the content within the same folder, the user will get notified in a real-time fashion so that the user can refresh the page to reflect the changes for them to be always working on up-to-date contents within that folder.

WebUI_Release 9-21-23_1.png

As you can see in the above example of the non-intrusive notification, the user will have the option to refresh the page to have the latest content reflected or close the notification to continue working without refreshing.

While this feature is released as limited availability, the following folder updates will be supported for sending real-time UI notifications.

  • A new folder is created.
  • A new file or a new version of the existing file is uploaded to the folder.
  • An existing file or folder is deleted.
  • An existing file is being edited or co-edited.

This feature is currently in limited availability with a slow rollout strategy. Contact Egnyte Support if you’d like to be one of the early adopters.

Co-Editable Links for Google Files

The co-editable links feature has been extended to include Google files as well. Co-Editable links allow recipients to co-edit the target files, regardless of what permissions they have in the containing folder. They are intended to facilitate collaboration in cases where the sharing user may not want to grant permissions to recipients for the entire folder.

Co-editable links were already supported for Microsoft files (see this article). This release extends the support for this feature to Google files as well. In particular, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides files are supported by the co-editable links feature.

Note that there are some restrictions on co-editable links when used with Google Files:

  1. Co-editable links for Google Files can only be shared with domain users, and specific email recipients. These links can not be shared anonymously by selecting ‘Anyone’ in the share dialog.
  2. External email recipients must have a google account with the same email address where the shared link is sent. Otherwise, they will not be able to edit the file via the co-editable link.

The Google Workspace integration must be enabled for this feature to work. In addition, the limitations listed in the Google Workspace integration document still apply (see this article).

Redesign of the WebUI - User Settings (General Availability)

In an earlier release, the new view of user settings was initially introduced with limited availability and has now progressed to being generally available.

With the commitment to delivering a best-in-class user experience to our customers, Egnyte has embarked on an ambitious and comprehensive overhaul of the entire UI. This is a multi-phased initiative, where first, the visual layer will be freshened up and modernized, and made consistent across the platform before rapidly moving on to introducing new page layouts and navigation for improved efficiencies.

WebUI_Release 8-30-23_1.png

The user settings section has been targeted for this particular milestone:

  • Intuitive and consistent filtering section
  • Clear user status indicator
  • The consistent purple color theme has been used for checkboxes across the page

Ability to Filter Users by Email Domain

Filtering by email domain is now available in our latest release, enabling users to efficiently filter the user list. In the user search in the user settings section, email domains will also be respected once entered.

WebUI_Release 9-21-23_2.png

Issues Addressed 

Unable to Move and Copy Files Using Drag and Drop Shortcut Keys 

There was an issue with moving and copying files and folders where the users were unable to use drag and drop capability - Alt/Shift shortcut keys to be precise - while moving and copying files and folders when accessed via direct links. This issue has been resolved.

Unable to Open PDF Documents via Preview-Only Links 

There was an issue with previewing the PDF documents via links where the users were seeing a blank page on opening PDF documents via preview-only links. When the user selected “Fit to Width”, it worked fine though. This issue has been resolved.

Unable to View Entire PDF Documents via Preview-Only Links 

There was an issue with previewing the PDF documents via links where the users were seeing part of the file on opening PDF documents via preview-only links. As per the customer, the issue is random and preview works fine when viewed via downloadable shared link. For some users the issue got resolved on zooming in/out but for some other users it remained as it is even after zooming in/out. This issue has been resolved.

Intermittent Issue of Files Getting Modified when Uploaded Using FTP 

There was an intermittent issue with files uploaded using FTP where sometimes the text in the file was getting modified when a custom app uploaded the file using FTPS. This issue has been resolved.

Issues with Redirection to Helpdesk from WebUI

There was a redirect to helpdesk from a WebUI session where the user was asked to login to helpdesk on redirecting after clicking the helpdesk icon or contact support link or view more topics link from the help panel in the WebUI. This issue has been resolved.

Multiple Issues with Folder Permissions Report

There was an issue when in race conditions generating a permission report would return empty values when "List all users within groups" was checked. This issue has been resolved.

Additional Information And Resources

 The current release contains a few improvements to existing functionality. 

  • Minor performance, security and stability improvements 
  • Minor logging and UI improvements 
  • Minor bug fixes 

The changes will be available to all users by September 21, 2023. 

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