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Features Added to the Egnyte iOS App v8.21 for Intune


Egnyte iOS Mobile App v. 8.21 (for Intune) | Release Date: August 21, 2023

Microsoft Intune SDK Update to Version 17.6.1

The Egnyte iOS App for Microsoft Intune has been updated to version 17.6.1 of the Intune SDK for iOS which contains important fixes required to work properly on iOS 17 and is recommended to be used to avoid data leaks.

Features Added

The iOS for Intune App has been brought up to parity with the latest version of the Egnyte iOS app and its users will now have access to the following features:

Workflows and Tasks 

To-do, Review, and Approval Tasks assigned using the Egnyte Workflows and Tasks feature can now be reviewed, accepted, rejected, and completed in the Egnyte iOS for Intune App. 

As soon as a new task is created, assignees who go to the Egnyte App will see a red dot next to the Workflows icon in the bottom navigation bar informing them about a new task.

When users navigate to the Workflows screen by tapping on the Workflows icon, they will see a list of tasks and workflows assigned to them and can perform the actions assigned to them such as:

  • Reviewing the document associated with the workflow or task (using the file preview mode),
  • Accepting/rejecting and completing the workflows and tasks
  • Adding the reason for approval (where relevant) 
  • E-Signing workflows and tasks with their credentials (if required)

Mobile iOS Intune_Release 8-21-23_1.png   Mobile iOS Intune_Release 8-21-23_3.png

Workflows cannot be created or canceled in the mobile app. To create or cancel a workflow, use the WebUI. 

To find out more about Workflows and Tasks, go to this helpdesk article.

Support for Syncing PDF Annotations Made Offline

Users of the Egnyte iOS for Intune app can now open a PDF file and while their device is offline, make annotations on the file, and save them. Once the device is back online, the changes will get synced with the file stored in the cloud.

To make annotations offline and save them to be synced, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the PDF file is added to files available offline first (the action of adding a file for offline use must be performed when the device is connected to the Internet)
  • Open the PDF file when the device is offline and dismiss the no internet connection warning, if it appears
  • Tap on the blue (annotations) button in the right lower corner of the screen
  • Choose the annotation tool (text, note, pen, image) from the menu 
  • Annotate the file
  • Tap Save in the right upper corner of the screen

The changes you made offline will be saved and synced with the online version of the file when the device is connected to the internet again.

Creating Upload Links

Upload links are a great way for people outside your Egnyte account to upload content to a specific Shared folder, without being able to see the contents of that folder. 

To create an upload link in the Egnyte iOS for Intune app, you need to:

  • Navigate to Shared folders and locate the folder where the uploaded files should be stored
  • Click the three-dot menu next to the folder name and select Request Files from Others from the context menu 
  • Decide when the link will expire (on the next screen) 
  • Click the Share Link option and choose how you want to share the link with your collaborators or partners (email, internet communicator, text message, etc.).

Mobile iOS Intune_Release 8-21-23_2.jpg   Mobile iOS Intune_Release 8-21-23_5.jpg

360 Image Preview

Version 8.21 for Intune introduces the ability to preview 360-degree images directly within the Egnyte app. With this update, users can enjoy an immersive viewing experience, exploring panoramic photos and seamlessly navigating every angle. 360 images can be explored by using standard on-screen gestures and by simply moving the device around.

Mobile iOS Intune_Release 8-21-23_4.png   Mobile iOS Intune_Release 8-21-23_7.png

Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard is a powerful tool to visualize key project attributes such as the status and progress of projects, project location, start and end dates, address, and logo. The dashboard is seamlessly integrated into project folders, providing a centralized hub for managing and monitoring projects. Each project folder has its own dedicated dashboard for project-specific data that users can now view in the iOS app. The project dashboard is created automatically when a user creates a new blank project folder, uses a project template or marks an existing folder as a project within a domain that has the AEC add-on enabled.

Mobile iOS Intune_Release 8-21-23_6.png   Mobile iOS Intune_Release 8-21-23_9.png

Project Folders can be created in the WebUI only but they can be accessed in the mobile app, too. Project Dashboard is only available on plans with the AEC Add-On.

Visual Indicators

Project Folders

The release introduces a feature that allows users to easily identify their Project Folders from other folders. With the latest update, users will see a unique project folder identifier for each project in the Egnyte iOS for Intune App.

This feature is designed to improve user experience and streamline the process of identifying and accessing project folders. Users will be able to quickly differentiate project folders from other folders, making it easier to locate and access important information.

Mobile iOS Intune_Release 8-21-23_8.jpg

Folders Shared with Standard Users

New badges that were introduced to inform users which folders had been shared with standard users are now also available in the Egnyte for Intune app. With the addition of the badge placed to the right of the folder icon (as shown on the screenshots below), users can now easily identify and distinguish folders that have been shared with Standard Users and/or external collaborators. When the badge is tapped, a tooltip will pop up confirming that the folder is accessible for Standard Users.

Mobile iOS Intune_Release 8-21-23_11.png   Mobile iOS Intune_Release 8-21-23_10.png

Issues Addressed

  • Fixed the issue where the Egnyte for Intune application crashed after fresh installation when the user logged in and was shown the pop up about the organization data being protected.
  • Solved the problem that prevented users from sharing PDF file attachments from Outlook to Egnyte even though the Intune protection policy allowed it.


Egnyte for Intune version 8.21 can be downloaded from the AppStore

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