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What is the AEC Add-On?


The AEC add-on is no longer available for purchase. If you have questions about this, contact your Egnyte account executive. The features outlined in the article below as well as newly developed AEC features are now available via the Project Control Add-On and Specialized File Handler Add-On.

Egnyte has developed an array of features built specifically for the architectural, engineering, and construction industry. These features are included in what is known as the AEC add-on package. The AEC add-on package is optional and can be purchased for an additional fee.

What is Included?

Below is a list of features included in the AEC add-on package. For additional information on a feature, select the feature name to view the respective support page.



Advanced Procore Integration Support for additional data flows between Egnyte and Procore with near real-time continuous sync.
Advanced BIM File Search Search on and within CAD files and not just on the file names.
BIM File Preview Preview (including rotate, zoom, orbit and measure) native industry file formats, including CAD, without the need for specialized software.
Project Lifecycle Management Revoke permissions and sever links to protect content for anyone no longer requiring access and initiate any predefined content retention, archival, and deletion management policies.
Automated Retention, Deletion & Archiving Designate policies to retain, delete and/or archive files based on file or version creation date.
Project Folders Designate specific folders and as project, assign status (Active, closed, etc.) and start and end dates.
Advanced Ransomware Protection & Recovery Identify and mitigate ransomware attacks and recover cryptolocker impacted data
Digital Image Text Search Make image and scanned document text discoverable within Egnyte Search results (such as a PDF, JPG or TIFF).
Smart Upload Upload photos directly to the relevant project folder based on geolocation, keeping them organized and making them easily accessible.
Project Templates Automate creation of your project folder structure with templatized permissions
Project Dashboard Instant access to your critical project information via a customizable dashboard on your project folder

Also below, is a quick video highlighting the features.

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