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Egnyte Secure & Govern now provides the ability to detect and remediate inactive users within a content source. The new Analysis Rule detects users who have not had any file activity within a content source. This rule helps limit your exposure by identifying user accounts that should be deactivated or deleted. Reducing the risk of a brute force attack and exposure of sensitive data.

The rule can be customized to detect external users based on a period of inactivity.

Content Source Support

  • Egnyte

How to Enable Inactive User Rule

  1. Log into Secure and Govern.
  2. Go to "Settings"
  3. Select "Analysis Rules"
  4. Select "Inactive User"


  5. Enable the detection option using the "ON/OFF" toggle to the left
  6. Configure the desired “days of inactivity” for Inactive External users


External Users are defined as Egnyte “Standard Users”. 

How is Inactive User Severity Calculated

Inactive User severity calculation has been improved to help customers prioritize during issue remediation. The following factors will be used to increase the severity of an Inactive User issue:

  • A User’s role within a content source (standard/external user versus non-admin user)
  • A User’s role within Secure & Govern (admin, non-admin, no Secure & Govern access)
  • Duration of Inactivity
  • Sensitive file access within a content source

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