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Why am I not Receiving Invitation and Password Reset Emails?


Egnyte's email delivery services send system-generated emails such as new user account invitations, password resets, and folder notifications to end-users using the alias notify@egnyte.com

If a user is not receiving such email notifications and can not be found in obvious places like 'Spam' and 'Trash' folders, then the email could be in a bounced suppression state. Generally, emails go into bounce suppression when an email marked for delivery is returned back to Egnyte from the receiving email provider.

To avoid excessive delivery attempts and to protect the reputation of the sending email address, Egnyte's delivery services stop sending further emails for 24 hours or until the issue on the receiving end has been resolved.

Emails are bounced back to Egnyte for several reasons. Mainly due to strict spam filtering on the receiving email provider or sometimes when a new mailbox is created but not fully functional. Using the list of common errors below related to bounced emails, admins can troubleshoot email delivery issues on their SMTP server or email provider.


Error Code Description
  • Envelope blocked - User Entry
  • Rejected by header-based block
  • Sender blocked - notify@egntye.com
550 - 5.1.1
  • Recipient address rejected: User Unknown
  • The email account that you tried to reach does not exist
  • Email address could not be found, or was misspelled
  • No Such User Here
  • Invalid Recipient
550 - 5.1.10
  • RESOLVER.ADR.RecipientNotFound; Recipient email address not found by SMTP address lookup
550 - 5.2.1
  • The email account that you tried to reach is disabled
  • The user you are trying to contact is receiving mail at a rate that prevents additional messages from being delivered
550 - 5.2.2
  • Delivery failed: mailbox is full (quota exceeded)
550 - 5.4.1
  • Recipient address rejected: Access denied (Microsoft Outlook Protection)
550 - 5.4.14
  • Hop count exceeded - possible mail loop
550 - 5.7.1
  • Recipient address rejected: User email address is marked as invalid
550 - 5.7.133
  • Delivery restriction check failed because the sender was not authenticated when sending to this group


We recommend the steps below to minimize bounced notification emails:

  • Whitelist Egnyte's mail server IP addresses listed in Egnyte-Hostnames-for-Firewall-Rules- on the safe sender or allowed list to ensure an uninterrupted flow of all emails from Egnyte.
  • Create the new user mailbox and allow some time for activation before creating a user account on Egnyte. This is a very common reason why emails are bounced.
  • Verify all server MX records have been updated successfully and the user is able to send and receive emails successfully from their mailbox.
  • Check for spelling mistakes in the email address or other issues with mailbox configuration.
  • Some users create custom rules and filters to manage their email that could delete or move emails to a different folder. Try searching for emails from notify@egnyte.com.
  • Check Spam filtering in the email provider's admin console and run an email trace
  • Contact Egnyte support if further assistance is needed.
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