Preview Egnyte Files Using Microsoft Office Online Preview

Microsoft Office Online Preview for Egnyte gives users an elegantly integrated viewing experience for all their Office documents. This article covers how to add and use the integration, allowing you to preview supported file formats using the native Office Online viewer.

An Office 365 license is not required to use this integration. If you have an Office 365 subscription, check out the Microsoft Office Online integration to enjoy full viewing and editing functionality.


Microsoft Office Online Preview allows Egnyte users to see and interact with Office documents, such as Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, using the native Office Online preview viewer.

Adding the Microsoft Office Online Preview Integration

An admin user on your domain should enter the Egnyte App Store by clicking "Apps & Add-Ons" in the Web UI. Then, hover over the Microsoft Office Online Preview app and click the Settings icon.  Choose either the "Allow users to add" or "Add for all users" option.

  • Add for all users: This is the simplest way to deploy the app to all users in your organization. This option makes the app instantly available for all users
  • Allow users to add: This makes the app visible to all users on the Apps page; but, each user must add the app on their own.

Using the Office Online Preview Integration

To view files with Office Online Preview, simply navigate to your Egnyte Web UI and click on a file.


After clicking preview, the document will launch within the the Egnyte Web UI using the native Microsoft Office viewer.


Microsoft Office Online Preview has enhanced viewing capabilities for Powerpoint and Excel documents. For Excel, users can easily navigate, sort tables, copy text, and other simple actions without needing to open the file in edit mode. On Powerpoint, users can navigate slides and present decks within the preview window.



This preview-only integration does not require an Office 365 license to use. To edit files, you must have a valid Office 365 for Business subscription. More information on Office 365 for Business licensing is available here.

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