Sync for offline access with the Desktop App (Beta)


The Egnyte Connect Desktop App is now available to all customers for Windows and for Mac. The app includes an open beta feature that allows users to sync selected folders for offline access. The open beta feature will be disabled by default for all existing Egnyte customers and admins will be able to opt-in to enable the feature for all users on the domain (see the Enabling sync for the Desktop App section below for more information).


More information about the open beta

The open beta feature is available for all Egnyte customers to opt into and is fully supported. The feature is considered a beta as we're still working on bringing the perfect user experience when it comes to syncing content. Furthermore, we're also working on bringing the same feature to the app on Mac.


Enabling sync for the Desktop App

Domain administrators can enable the beta feature from the Desktop App section in the Applications tab under the Configuration section in the web interface.


Within 15 minutes of enabling the feature, users with drives connected to the domain will see an additional option in the right click context menu for folders to Sync for offline access. If the feature is disabled, all local copies of synchronized folders on user's machines will be removed and users will no longer see the option to sync for offline access.


Enable the ability to sync for specific roles with role based administration

If you enable the ability to sync for Admins only or None of your users from the applications tab, you can choose to enable the feature for specific Power User roles. This is particularly useful if you only want to enable the feature for a subset of users in your organization. To do this, navigate to the User Types & Roles section, select a role and enable the sync feature from the Applications section. Then you can simply assign users to that role.



Known limitations in the beta

The beta feature is being released with the following limitations:

  • If you select a folder for sync, you cannot exclude any of its child folders from sync.
  • If a file cannot be synchronized due to insufficient permissions, it will have a red X next to the file name without any other indication from the UI.
  • There is no way to determine exact progress of a sync (eg. % progress), however there is a system tray icon that is displayed when a sync or upload is in progress.
  • You may not unsync a folder which contains a file that is opened (ie. all files in the folder must be closed before you can unsync content from the folder). This is by design.
  • Moving content between folders marked for sync and folders that are not marked for sync is not currently allowed. Copying, however, is allowed.
  • When you remove your drive or uninstall, synchronized files will be removed for the drive from the user's %localappdata%\EgnyteDrive\offline folder. Unsynchronized files will be preserved at offline folder location.
  • The following Desktop sync features are not supported in the Desktop App:
    - Device entitlement (if device entitlement is turned on, the option to sync will not show on ANY device)
    - Sync exclusions by file extension (all file extensions are uploaded to the cloud)
    - Remote wipe (the option to remotely wipe content from an instance of Desktop App is not yet available).


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