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Introducing New Migration App Features - Agent Auto-Retirement and On-the-Fly Rename


Migration App v3.12 / v1.14  Release Date: August 22, 2022

Agent Auto-Retirement

With this release, we are introducing functionality designed to help eliminate old unused Agents and their respective migration jobs from your Migration Dashboard.

If a Source has been unused for over 30 days – meaning that no migration jobs associated with that Source have had a single command run during that time – a warning will appear on the Migration Dashboard.


The warning will indicate that the source will be automatically retired after 60 days of inactivity.

You have three choices in this instance.

  1. Do nothing and the Agent will be retired automatically.
  2. Restart the clock by executing any command for any migration job associated with the source.

On-the-Fly Rename

On-the-Fly Rename is a new way to Sanitize data so that it can be migrated onto the Egnyte platform. Previously, we only offered the option to sanitize data on the source before migrating it. But some customers objected to having anything changed on the source, even though it meant that data was unable to be migrated.

This new option allows you to choose between two options: Sanitize on the Source or rename files on-the-fly during migration. You will have the chance to make your selection every time you initiate a Data Migration or True-Up command.


Known Limitations

  1. If the original datasource is on Mac/Linux and uploaded using Windows CMM Agent, the special characters (\,:,.,/,",< ,> ,|,*,?) will not be visible in Windows. This is a limitation in Windows OS which also applies to Egnyte on migrating using Windows OS with sanitization on the fly.
  2. When files have these special characters - ('/u2409' and '/u240b'), they will create duplicate versions on true-ups
  3. The files with unicode characters will be deleted and uploaded again on True up.
  4. The unicode character ('\u007F') is not handled. This file is not shown in reports also.


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