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Adding and Removing Artifacts in Egnyte eTMF v. 2.0


Release Date: August 08, 2022

This is the second release of the Egnyte eTMF app.  In this release (v. 2.0), two new features are added to give users more flexibility in managing and configuring artifacts and documents at all filing levels.  

Document Deletion

With the new “Document Deletion” feature, users with permissions can now delete unwanted documents directly from the eTMF app.  Prior to this release, documents uploaded to the eTMF can only be deleted from the Egnyte file system.  

From the Dashboard, user can see the documents/files uploaded into specific artifacts:


Clicking on an artifact will bring up a screen that displays all documents that have been uploaded to that artifact. A trash bin icon is available next to each document for file deletion:


Adding Artifacts

In the previous release of the eTMF app, artifacts are configured strictly based on the DIA Reference Model.  The new release now allows users to add new artifact(s) at any filing level or milestone:



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