Similarly to Egnyte Desktop App, Desktop App Core also contains Command Line Interface.

In order to use Command Line Interface in Desktop App Core for Mac, the following snippet needs to be copied and then pasted in the terminal:

cat > /tmp/egcli <<'EOF'


/Applications/ --cli "$@"


chmod +x /tmp/egcli

sudo mv /tmp/egcli /usr/local/bin/egcli


Run egcli for a list of supported commands and additional details.

Available OPTIONS:
  --version               Show the version.
  -h, --help              Show help information.
drives                Manage your drives.
logs                 Logging level.
nuke                 Removes all internal data and every drive installed in the system.
settings              Configure Egnyte settings (for now only auto-launch)
auto-upgrade   Check or influence auto-upgrade state.
suppressions     Suppress alerts/dialogs.
uploads             See recent and pending uploads.

At each sub-level command, type -- at the end to get additional documentation to guide you to the appropriate actions.

Example command:

egcli drives list