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Folder Content Report


Administrators, along with Power Users that have been given the can run reports role, can pull a report that lists all of the files under a specified path along with information about when they were last modified, who updated them, and their checksums. This report is helpful in generating a listing of files as a reference or validating the checksums of files after export/download. 

This report is only available on certain plans

Running the Report

To run the Folder Content Report, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Reports Center, expand the Folders and Files section and select Folder Content Report


  2. Select the folder for which you would like to generate a report


  3. Click Submit to run the report

Accessing the Report

Depending on the size of your folder, report generation can take up to a few minutes.  Once complete, the report is accessible in the following folder: /Shared/Egnyte Reports/Folder Content Listing

Folder Content Report Output

The report includes the following columns:

Column Description

The path of the file

Last modified The last modification date of the file
Updated by The username of the user who uploaded the file
File Checksum The SHA512 hash of the file.  If the checksum begins with "2-" then this file was uploaded in multiple chunks and the checksum will be in Chunked Checksum Format


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