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Advanced Privacy and Compliance


The Advanced Privacy and Compliance (APC) Offering from Egnyte helps you comply with Privacy Regulations that have been rolled out across many states in the US, and countries in the EU and Worldwide. 

Key Features and Considerations

APC includes the following capabilities:

  • Privacy Requests Management: Do-Not-Sell Requests, Subject Access Requests (SAR/DSARs) Fulfillment Workflow Automation.
  • Privacy Document Automation: Privacy Policies and Notices Generation and Management.
  • Consent & Preference Management: End-User Privacy Experience. Cookie Scans.
  • Risk Assessments: Privacy Impact Assessments, Vendor Risk Assessments, and other Compliance and Security Assessments.

APC is only available to customers who have purchased the Advanced Privacy Compliance - Standard or Premium add-on. A Platform Enterprise, Platform Enterprise-Lite or a Secure & Govern Only plan is a pre-requisite to purchase the APC add-on.

Setup and Configuration

Customers purchasing APC will be provisioned with a Truyo (Egnyte Partner) account.

Setup and Configuration of this account can be performed with assistance from an Implementation Manager.  The steps include:

  • SAR/DSAR data sources set up, and configuration for workflow automation.


  • Connecting the Truyo account with your Egnyte Domain to extend SAR processing to all data sources governed by Egnyte.


  • End-user privacy experience customization.


How APC Helps You Meet Privacy and Compliance Obligations

After you configure the Truyo account, here are some of the ways you can benefit from the functionality:

1. Your end-users will be able to submit and manage privacy requests through a privacy center on your website.


2. You'll be able to manage and automate privacy requests submitted by your end-users, including automatically extracting data related to the subject from structured and unstructured data sources in your organization.


3. You can assess Privacy Impact from new projects and initiatives as well as assess risks introduced by Vendors for your Privacy and Compliance posture.




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