MS Outlook v 1.2.0.  April, 2022. 


Egnyte for Outlook brings Egnyte content directly into Outlook installed on your PC, Mac or Outlook on the web. With this integration, Egnyte Users will be able to share links to files or folders with others securely and now will be able to store emails with metadata in Egnyte.

Since users are saving emails with metadata in Egnyte, they can use the Collaborate platform and advance search functionality to locate emails using supported fields easily and quickly. Egnyte users will also be able to open saved email (.EML file) using Egnyte Desktop product, which will open it in the installed Outlook client to take further actions. 


This integration is located under Apps & Integrations and is named "Egnyte for Outlook." Currently, this Add-in is in open beta available to all. It will be released in general availability at a later time. 



Add-in is configured and added by Admin per Egnyte for Outlook Admin Guide


Enabling Metadata for Email in the Outlook Add-in as an Admin

1. Open Web client or installed Outlook on Windows or Mac machine

2. log in to Egnyte for Outlook Add-in, navigate to the side panel and click on Settings. 



3. Click on Enable and ensure to click the box. Click Save.


End User Experience with the Added Metadata to Saved Emails

Once users save emails to Egnyte, they will now automatically see metadata with saved emails in Egnyte. This will light up advanced search functions in the platform.




Known Limitations 

  • Metadata is shown to all the signed-in users in the Collaborate Settings, as they can edit any fields or delete them. We are working on improvements here.