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Creating Custom Classification Policies to Classify Content by File and Path Names


When creating a custom classification policy in Secure & Govern, you can use file and/or folder naming convention as a criterion for the policy with the option to use wildcards for a single or many characters. This can focus the classification policy on specific locations or files with specified extensions or names.

Setting up a Classification Policy

When using wildcards in custom policy criteria, a simplified version of regular expression wildcarding is available:

  • '*' = zero or more characters of any kind (space or non-space)
  • '?' = exactly 1 character of any kind (space or non-space)

You can use combinations of wildcards to specify exact or minimum numbers of characters:

  • '???' = exactly 3 characters of any kind (space or non-space)
  • '??*' = 2 or more characters of any kind (space or non-space)

To configure your Custom Policy using path/file classification, navigate to Settings->Content Classification->Policies->Add Custom Policy and then select File Paths & Attributes. You may also edit an existing custom classification policy to add a file path as a criterion.


Configure your list of path and file attributes that you want to match. Each File Path is a combination of location and file name/extension. If you set up multiple file paths, files that match at least one of the rules will be considered a match.


Example criteria that cover jpg images with DSC_ followed by four or more characters in Shared folders

Once you have set up all the file paths you want to match, click Save to return to the main custom policy window to add additional configuration items or save the policy.


Here are some examples of inputs for location paths and file names/extensions and what they will match:

Location path input Filename / extension input WILL match WILL NOT match
* *.docx /Shared/Legal/contract.docx /Shared/contract.doc
/HR * /HR/file.docx

*/Legal/* Contract*.*



*Finance* * /FINANCE123/Report.pdf
/Corporate Finance/Rep.pdf
* PROMO???.mov  /Shared/foo/promo123.mov
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